The Brandy and Sober Foundation grant awards are approved once all criteria have been reviewed against our grant making principles. This process is in accordance with our Charities Commission registration. Should you wish to apply you must be a registered UK charity.

All applications must be made in writing to:

The Brandy and Sober Foundation
Suite 1
Elizabeth House
40 Lagland Street
BH15 1QG

Your application should include the following information

  1. Background information regarding your charity and its principles.
  2. The amount sought (minimum £500) and time frame.
  3. How the grant will be spent
  4. What will be the animal welfare benefits of receiving this grant and how these will be quantifiable
  5. Proposals regarding control for grant monies provided. Your application will be reviewed by a trustee and you will be contacted in writing regarding the next stage of the process.
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