The Brandy and Sober Foundation cares about all living creatures and we want to aid others to ensure animal welfare is kept to the highest standards for all. That’s why we were all so pleased when the UK set the Animal Welfare Act into law in 2006, which introduced tougher penalties for neglect and cruelty, helping to prevent animal abuse and stop it reoccurring. If you own an animal you have to ensure that all its needs are met and if you’re like us you adore your animals you want the very best for them and look after their every need. Let’s look at the five needs you need to fulfill in order to provide the best care for your animal...


Animals need to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease by ensuring that they are treated by your local veterinary practice if they become ill or injured. This also includes ensuring that animals are groomed correctly and their appearance is looked after, with horses that includes hoof care with hooves trimmed every six weeks by a farrier to ensure they are pain-free when walking. Looking at examples of grooming, dogs need to be groomed as a preventative measure against mats and knots in the fur and avoid any infections on the skin by keeping them clean and groomed.


They need to have the opportunity and ability to behave naturally for their species. For example if your dog doesn’t have the opportunity to engage in dog behaviours including running, barking, digging, or playing then you’re not allowing them to act naturally like a dog should. Dogs need exercise and stimulation, just like all animals do, and it’s cruel to keep them indoors or kept in one place without any sort of stimulation or activity to provide them with the ability to behave how they naturally should.


Animals need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals as appropriate for the species, For example do they need the company of their own kind for sociable species like rabbits or guinea pigs, or to be housed alone for solitary species like hamsters. Rabbits need the company of at least one other rabbit, especially if kept in an outdoors hutch, to keep them happy, otherwise they may


All animals need to be given a suitable diet. This can include feeding appropriately for the pet’s life stage, whether they’re young or old and feeding a suitable amount to prevent obesity or malnourishment. You also need to ensure they have access to fresh clean water, just as you would for a human. With older animals, for example, you’ll need to adjust their diet to ensure it’s not tough for them to eat and easy to digest otherwise they may not eat and grow skinny and weak, which is why it’s important to adjust their diet.


They need to be housed in a suitable environment. This should include the right type of home with a comfortable place to rest and hide as well as space to exercise and explore. Their environment should also be kept clean with any waste being removed to ensure they stay healthy and clean themselves.

Make sure you fulfill all five of these needs for your pets and provide them with the very best care to ensure they live the very best life with you. Educate your friends and family if they’ve got pets too!

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